MII Projects

MII-Specific Development Files & Projects

The MII Team has the following projects in process:

We have also begun sketching taxonomies for measured quantities. The following experimental files propose MII quantity names and the MII Category and Subcategory names under which to organize them. For comparison, the files show the related taxonomy excerpts that other organizations currently use or proposed. Each file has a tab listing the methodology for developing the sub-taxonomy, the results and references, plus measured quantities extracted from actual SoAs, measurement techniques and objects of interest extracted from the BIPM CMCs.

As an example of the issues we will encounter and should solve, consider how we normally think of temperature—a single quantity that we may express in various units, including the degree Celsius and the kelvin. World metrology authorities, however, define among others, the separate quantities thermodynamic and Celsius temperature related by a quantity equation and not a unit conversion. What does that mean and why does it matter to the MII or its taxonomy? To raise awareness of the clarity with which the MII should represent measurement data, this rough white paper discusses temperature quantities.

The following projects have leaped ahead to develop calibration certificate formats:

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