2017-10-16 Meeting Notes

Notes from today’s meeting:

Jack Somppi
David Zajac
Mark Kuster
Michael Schwartz
Robb Thomas

MII Projects page. We are going to create two sub pages on the MII Wiki to house weekly meeting resources & minutes.
Send Danae Powell from Energy Northwest a link to the MII wiki ask for confirmation.
Qualer to fix the spelling of David Zajac's name. VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPOFX9V65vs

Kickoff meeting:

Taxonomy Working Group Agenda

• Mark Kuster:
MII Applications & value to the industry

• Colin Walker:
Qualer Search —> point to drop downs.

• David Zajac:
SOA schema vs. UoM DB
Unpack Process & Technique

• Colin Walker:
Spreadsheet of all CMCs. —> produce pivot tables to summarize current findings.

• Mark Kuster:
Why do we need this? —> RF Power Example
Delta Temp vs Absolute Temp

Set up process for solving the problem:
Segment the problem (e.g. RF power, Temperature, Dimensional)
Existing segments
Existing standards (e.g. http://www.qudt.org/pages/JoinQUDTpage.html)
CMC Spreadsheet
Identify Specialists in each segment, engage with specialists to capture findings in a structured format.
Present results back to working group

Goal = Develop initial taxonomy standards for approval at MSC Conference (March 20th, 2018)

Homework = review items in wiki page & return with two or three questions.

Colin to forward email to Qualer list.
Mark & others to forward to known contacts.

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