MII Initiative Knowledge Base

This page provides general background and historical MII information: videos, past presentations, papers, articles, etc.



These presentations describe the MII vision, initial efforts and follow-on work.

  • NCSLI 2016 Paper Presentation: An XML Accreditation Scope Schema
  • MSA 2015 Paper Presentation: Toward an MII (The Technology Exists Now)


The NCSLI Metrologist magazine coined the MII concept in January 2013 in a new regular column, "Toward a Measurement Information Infrastructure", originally called "Metrology Information Infrastructure". In June 2017, NCSLI created the 141 MII & Automation Committee (MII&AC) to support, develop and document the MII.

NCSLI provides the magazine online with MII articles in the following issues:

  • Standardize and Automate, January 2013
  • Smart Calibration Certificates, April 2013
  • Instrument Specifications Data Model, Part 1, October 2013
  • Instrument Specifications Data Model, Part 2, January 2014
  • Instrument Specifications Data Model, Part 3, April 2014
  • ATML and Other Past Efforts, July 2014
  • Real-World Related Projects, October 2014
  • Smart Accreditation Scopes Data Model, January 2015
  • Smart Accreditation Scopes, Part 2, April 2015
  • Smart Certificates Data Model, July 2015
  • Smart Certificates Data Model, Part 2, October 2015
  • Data Storage Formats, January 2016
  • Project Beagle, October 2016
  • Project Status & Related Efforts, April 2017
  • NCSLI 141 MII & Automation Committee, July 2017
  • Measured Quantity Categorization, October 2017
  • The Taxonomy Task, April 2018
  • Taxonomy, Blockchains, Smart Contracts, FAIR Data, July 2018
  • News and Updates, October 2019
  • New Developments, April 2020 (13.2)

Cal Lab has also published MII and MII-related articles:


These papers appeared in conference proceedings and journals as indicated and generally correspond with some of the presentations above, offering written detail for interested readers:

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