This site serves as a knowledge and documentation repository for the Measurement Information Infrastructure initiative that conceptualized out of NCSL International.

Founding Team:
Mark Kuster
Michael Schwartz
David Zajac
Michael Morozov
Colin Walker

The MII Vision

We wish to

  • Create a globally standardized infrastructure for creating, locating, communicating and processing measurement information.
  • Replace manually-processed documents with unambiguous machine-readable data.
  • Augment static web sites with smart web services.
  • Open new automation horizons and empower developers to take measurement-related software to whole new levels.
  • Lower the information barriers between testing \& calibration labs, instrument manufacturers, vendors, accreditation bodies and measurement consumers.

Our Working MII Definition

Measurement Information Infrastructure—a set of normative standards that unambiguously define data structures, taxonomies, web service protocols and security for creating, locating, communicating and processing measurement information

The measurement information vehicles to structure include

  • MII scopes of capability (SoCs) or accreditation (SoAs),
  • MII instrument spec sheets,
  • MII calibration and testing certificates.

MII-aware software will then leverage the MII itself to bring metrology into the modern world that airline, banking, investment, online retail and B2B industries already enjoy.


Such an MII would eliminate ambiguity from our human-readable documents, streamline many tedious and error-prone tasks, engender new service opportunities and value streams, improve traceability, and enhance measurement quality throughout the measurement economy.

  • No more tediously searching for the right instruments and service vendors
  • No more manually writing, sending, interpreting documents
  • No more transcribing, entering and updating information
  • Our computers do it all unambiguously and automatically.

The technology already exists; we've only to harness it.

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